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How Prague-based Jakub Zajicek built and sold podcast booking agency
August 1, 2023
In this insightful interview, Jakub Zajicek, founder of "Speak on Podcasts", shares his journey from starting a consultancy to building one of the world's leading podcast booking agencies. Jakub discusses the importance of relevancy when pitching to be a guest on a podcast. He suggests potential guests should research the podcast host and propose a unique angle for their appearance that hasn't been discussed before on the podcast. He also shares his personal experience of overcoming the fear of asking for real money for his services. Jakub attributes this breakthrough to his decision to invest in a coaching program, which helped him realize the value of his own services. Jakub provides an interesting comparison between the entrepreneurial mindsets in Central/Eastern Europe and the US/UK. He observes that entrepreneurs in Central/Eastern Europe are often not as accustomed to investing in their businesses and personal development as those in the US/UK. Towards the end of the interview, Jakub shares his preference for running a lean, small business rather than building a large empire, although he remains open to the idea of building a larger business in the future. For those interested in appearing on podcasts, Jakub shares how they can reach out and find him online. Watch the full interview to gain valuable insights from Jakub's journey and expertise in the podcast industry. Connect with Jakub https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakubzajicek/