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When is worth to invest in SEO for global expansion?
July 21, 2021
Some topics we discussed with SEO expert Marcin Chirowski from GrowthTurn.com: 1. Choosing a domain 2. Keywords 3. Predictions about the future of SEO 4. When is the time to start investing money in SEO?
Marcin started SEO in London, climbing the corporate ladder until reaching the position of Head of SEO at EF Education First. Now he runs his own SEO company in the English-speaking market and wants to share with you some insights on SEO: 

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and SEO is an increasing challenge. You should base your strategy on building the page's authority, and keywords you choose should be above all relevant.

Mistakes to avoid:

Some indicators showing it may be the right time to invest your money in SEO:


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