Go Global Eastern Europe
Podcast dedicated to the tech companies' leaders, sales and b2b marketing practitioners from Eastern Europe, who want to attract global clients and build a solid reputation.
Let's start the party! Intro to the podcast.
May 11, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this very first episode I want to introduce you key ideas around this podcast. 1. Which problems I want to solve with this "Go Global Eastern Europe" podcast? 2. Who am I? 3. Why going global is important for us in Eastern Europe?
What do mountain climbing and B2B marketing have in common? Talk with Daniel Zsolt Rényi
May 12, 2021 • 37 MIN
Daniel is CEO of Kler - B2B growth-marketing agency based out of Budapest. He is also a "Electric B2B" podcast show. In this episode we discussed: 1. Advantages of Eastern Europe 2. Thoughts about cold emails in 2021 3. B2B branding 4. Account Based Intelligence
When is the time for a young B2B company to start with marketing? Guest: Stefan Repin
May 28, 2021 • 36 MIN
Our guest is Stefan Repin, a B2B Marketing specialist that used to work in different companies (and travel a lot in the process!). Some topics in today's episode: 1. Importance of personalization in cold messaging 2. When is the time for a young company to start with marketing? (hint: it’s not day 1!) 3. Why marketers prefer working for Americans.
How to do business with big cultural differences? Guest: Kasia Richter
June 10, 2021 • 31 MIN
Katarzyna Richter is a cross-cultural psychologist with vast experience in Middle Eastern cultures. In this episode: 1. We discussed the importance of cultural differences in business 2. How to learn different culture fast 3. Thoughts on stereotypes 4. Example of UAE as a country with a culture different to Eastern Europe.
How WePlay Esports got global PR coverage? Guest: Alena Dalskaya-Latosiewicz
June 25, 2021 • 35 MIN
Alena Dalskya works as a PR expert at WePlay Esports. In this episode we discussed: 1. Thoughts about Esports being such a big deal nowadays 2. How to achieve global coverage with PR 3. Importance of an interesting story to share 4. Tips for companies starting with PR
When is worth to invest in SEO for global expansion?
July 21, 2021 • 30 MIN
Some topics we discussed with SEO expert Marcin Chirowski from GrowthTurn.com: 1. Choosing a domain 2. Keywords 3. Predictions about the future of SEO 4. When is the time to start investing money in SEO?
How to use LinkedIn as Account Based Marketing tool? Guest: Andrei Zinkevich
July 27, 2021 • 47 MIN
Andrei Zinkevich. Author, Co-founder and senior B2B Marketing consultant at fullfunnel.io shared some brilliant insights on sales, Marketing and LinkedIn. On this episode, Andrei shared some brilliant insights on: 1. Account-based marketing and its key elements 2. LinkedIn as ABM tool 3. Obsession with product and scalability (not always in the right way)
Dinner for CTOs in Texas as Account-Based Marketing play [interview with Michael Domanski]
June 20, 2023 • 32 MIN
In this episode, I interviewed Michael Domanski. We talked about: - How to reach US clients? - How to use the most from attending a conference in the USA as a tech company? - Case study of organizing dinner in Austin in Texas for CTOs - How AI will affect B2B sales?
Prague-Based American's Tips for CEE Tech Firms to Go Global | Interview with Alex Alderman
June 28, 2023 • 41 MIN
Do you want to get your ideal clients using Account-Based Marketing? Let's talk https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomaszmaciejewski-b2b/ Alex's LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-the-content-marketer/
How to sell to the Middle East? Interview with Mehmet Gonullu
July 12, 2023 • 42 MIN
What we discussed in this episode? 1. Podcasting: The guest, Mehmet, is a podcast host who initially focused on the Middle East region but has since expanded to a global audience. He discusses the concept of "building in public" in the podcasting world, where creators share their work and receive immediate feedback. He also mentions his inspiration from other podcasters who post daily content, such as Smart Passive Income and Gary V. 2. Career and Business: Mehmet has a 20+ year career in the technology sector, transitioning from technology consulting to solution consulting and sales. He recently established his own company providing startup advisory services from a technology and business sales perspective. He also mentions that his podcast has unintentionally brought him consulting opportunities, contributing to his personal brand building and thought leadership. 3. Technology and Startups: Mehmet is passionate about technology and startups, which are the main themes of his podcast. He discusses the challenges startups face, such as lacking a full IT or security team, and how his company offers these services through partnerships. 4. Business Development in Dubai: Mehmet, based in Dubai for over 18 years, talks about the city's transformation into a hub for entrepreneurs. He mentions the government's vision to diversify the economy, leading to the establishment of hubs like Dubai Internet City. He also highlights the city's lifestyle and infrastructure as attractive factors for entrepreneurs. He mentions successful tech companies in the region, such as Souq.com (acquired by Amazon) and Careem (acquired by Uber), which have put the region on the global tech map. 5. Opportunities for European Companies: Mehmet observes an increasing interest from European companies to establish a presence in Dubai due to the growing talent pool, increasing population, and diverse culture. He also mentions the city's strategic location, making it a convenient hub for businesses. Do you want to get your ideal clients using Account-Based Marketing? Let's talk: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomaszmaciejewski-b2b/ Mehmet Gonullu: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mgonullu/
How to grow global as Microsoft partner? Interview with Michał Guzowski
July 18, 2023 • 39 MIN
Join us for a chat with Michał Guzowski, an expert in making business tasks easier through automation. Michał used to be a full code developer, but now he uses simpler no-code solutions. He explains why this change is a big step forward in making business and technology work better together. Michał talks about how artificial intelligence (AI) can help automate business tasks. He shares his experiences with different tools like Google and Microsoft and how they can help businesses. This chat with Michał Guzowski is great for anyone interested in making business tasks easier, learning about no-code solutions, or understanding how business and technology can work together. Need help with implementing Account-Based Marketing? Contact me https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomaszmaciejewski-b2b/ Michał Guzowski LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/abcguzowski/
How Prague-based Jakub Zajicek built and sold podcast booking agency
August 1, 2023 • 37 MIN
In this insightful interview, Jakub Zajicek, founder of "Speak on Podcasts", shares his journey from starting a consultancy to building one of the world's leading podcast booking agencies. Jakub discusses the importance of relevancy when pitching to be a guest on a podcast. He suggests potential guests should research the podcast host and propose a unique angle for their appearance that hasn't been discussed before on the podcast. He also shares his personal experience of overcoming the fear of asking for real money for his services. Jakub attributes this breakthrough to his decision to invest in a coaching program, which helped him realize the value of his own services. Jakub provides an interesting comparison between the entrepreneurial mindsets in Central/Eastern Europe and the US/UK. He observes that entrepreneurs in Central/Eastern Europe are often not as accustomed to investing in their businesses and personal development as those in the US/UK. Towards the end of the interview, Jakub shares his preference for running a lean, small business rather than building a large empire, although he remains open to the idea of building a larger business in the future. For those interested in appearing on podcasts, Jakub shares how they can reach out and find him online. Watch the full interview to gain valuable insights from Jakub's journey and expertise in the podcast industry. Connect with Jakub https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakubzajicek/